Brilliant Nappies gift vouchers

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What are Brilliant Nappies gift vouchers?

Most parents or parents-to-be love the idea of using washable nappies, and understand the benefits of using them, both for environmental and cost-saving reasons. However, many parents are unable to purchase the nappies because of the initial outlay involved.

Brilliant Nappies vouchers are gift vouchers designed especially for the purchase of washable nappies and nappy accessories from Brilliant Nappies. Each voucher has a unique code which will need to be verified before it can be redeemed. These can be bought by family, friends or work collegues and can be redeemed in the Brilliant Nappies webshop. They are an ideal gift for a a baby shower, birthday or Xmas. The parents get to choose the nappies and accessories that they want for their baby, and the person buying the vouchers knows that they are buying something that will be appreciated!

How to purchase your Brilliant Nappies vouchers?

Simply visit our gift voucher page and add the required value of gift vouchers to your basket. Vouchers are available in denominations of £10, £25 and £50.

If you would like the vouchers to be sent direct to you,  please add the name of the person they are being bought for in the 'Special Instructions' box. This enables us to process the vouchers quicker when they are redeemed.

If you would like the vouchers to be sent direct to the person they are being bought for, please add their details into the 'delivery details' box. The vouchers will be sent direct to them and you will be issued with a receipt.

How to redeem your Brilliant Nappies vouchers?

You have been lucky enough to have been given some Brilliant Nappies vouchers, have chosen your nappies, and are ready to make your purchase with us. Here are 3 easy ways to redeem your voucher.

  1. Before placing your order, send me an e-mail or telephone me with the amount of the voucher and the unique voucher code. I will then verify the code, and send you a separate code which can be used at the Brilliant Nappies checkout. To do this, click here.
  2. E-mail or telephone me with your complete order, together with the voucher amount and unique code, and once the voucher is verified, I will e-mail you an invoice and payment details.
  3. Complete your order online and make full payment. Add the voucher amount and unique code in the 'Special Instructions' box, and I will issue a refund upon verification.

The vouchers can be used on all products on the Brilliant Nappies website, including cloth nappies and accessories, swim nappies, breast pads, washable wipes, and lots more!

The vouchers will be valid for 12 months from the date of purchase.  Other Terms and Conditions apply.