Reusable Nappy advice

At Brilliant Nappies, I believe that parents who have sought nappy advice prior to purchasing their nappies are more likely to use their cloth nappies on a regular basis. For this reason, we offer a free consultation service to anyone who is considering using cloth nappies.

Our advisor team

Our increasing advisor team can talk you through our range of nappies and can answer any queries or concerns about cloth nappies that you may have. They are all mums who have used (or are still using) a range of cloth nappies and are able to share their knowledge with you. The demonstrations that they offer are no-obligation, and free of charge. To find out if there is a nappy advisor in your area, click here. If there is no local advisor, then you can complete our nappy questionnaire to find out our recommendations.

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For residents of Milton Keynes and surrounding areas

For residents of Milton Keynes, Bucks and Beds I offer a personalised 'no obligation' nappy demonstration. This would usually take place at my home, but in some circumstances I can visit you at your home. The demonstration lasts for about an hour and enables you to see (and touch) a variety of nappies, and provides an opportunity to discuss your requirements and to select which type of nappy may be best for you.

Following the demonstration, we will have narrowed down your choice of nappies, and we will be able to discuss the prices of the individual nappies, including details of any special offers.

If you are interested in a nappy demonstration, please click here .

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For enquiries from other areas

If you decide that you would prefer not to arrange a demo, or if you do not live near a Brilliant Nappies advisor, the you can complete our simple online Nappy Questionnaire. Simply complete this form online and we will respond with a few recommendations for you.  We will also send you a 10% discount code simply for completing the form.

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Group demonstrations and ante-natal classes

If you and a group of friends (for example, ante-natal groups or NCT class) are interested in finding out more about cloth nappies, I will be happy to arrange a group demonstration? These are very informal, evening events in a relaxed atmosphere. As every couple may have different priorities about their choice of nappy, these are usually in the form of a general half an hour talk about the different types of cloth nappy and how they work, followed by an opportunity to talk to each couple individually about their requirements.

If you are a midwife, health visitor or NCT teacher in the Beds and Bucks area, I am also available for ante-natal classes. These are short 15-20 minute talks to give parents-to-be an introduction to cloth nappies.

To arrange a group demonstration or, if you are a midwife or health professional and interested in Brilliant Nappies coming to your ante-natal classes, please click here.

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Post-sales support

I believe that the sale of a nappy to a customer is not the end of the process. Many shops and websites will not offer post-sales advice and support and sometimes customers feel that they have no one to ask if they need advice or help. At Brilliant Nappies, I offer a free post-sales advice service, where any queries you have about your nappies can be answered. My customers rarely have problems with their nappies (and most queries are easily resolved), but the reassurance of knowing you can get advice if you need it is invaluable.

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Privacy policy

Please note that all information provided to Brilliant Nappies will be treated as confidential and will not be passed on to a third party.