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Many people are aware of the cost and environmental benefits of using cloth nappies. However, if you are considering using cloth nappies (or have already made up your mind that you want to use them), the choice of which nappy to go for can sometimes be an overwhelming one.
There are many shops and websites that sell cloth nappies, but most of these don't offer any advice to help you to select the right nappy for you and your baby.
Do you need nappy advice? We can offer you all the advice that you may need, either with a no-obligation nappy demonstration, or our online questionnaire. This will help you understand how the various cloth nappies work, and which type may be best suited for your needs. Click here to find out more.

Don't need advice?If you already know which nappies you would like, or simply want to stock up on accessories, then you can go straight to Our Shop.

At Brilliant Nappies, my aim is to guide you through the selection of real nappies that are on the market to help you to make a choice that is best for you and your baby and suits your needs and your budget. By purchasing your nappies through Brilliant Nappies, you are guaranteed the help and support that you need.
I can offer:

  • a free personalised advice service (for more information, click here)

  • competitive prices and secure order processing (for more information, click here)

  • free post-sales advice (for more information, click here)

  • information about council incentives in your area (for more information, click here)

So, for the right advice to help you decide which cloth nappy is right for you, and for reassurance in your decision, check out my Brilliant Nappies website and contact me.
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